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Political parties are organizations that rely on donations to keep themselves going. Did you know that it’s through donations that the Liberal Party is able to spread the message of fairness and real change? Supporters like you and me are what keep things alive and what will help ensure that we elect Justin Trudeau and the Liberal team to make a real difference in the way government is run.

To that end, there are a few donor programs, including one called the Laurier Club, that helps keep things going. As a member of the Laurier Club (which has even greater benefits if you are under 35!), you get to attend special events with visiting Members of Parliament – which includes Justin as well.

Tonight, he arrived in advance of his rally tomorrow morning – where he will be making a major announcement with regards the Liberal Party platform on the middle class. There is generally an opportunity to spend some time with other donors at small meet-and-greets, and tonight was no different. As someone who has been a Laurier Club donor for years, and a volunteer for many more, I often help out with events like this.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s rally and knowing that I help play a role in improving the lives of Canadians – my parents’ generation, my generation, and my future children’s generation. If you are able, I highly encourage you to give to the Liberal Party. The election is only 62 days away and we need to be able to combat anything the other parties throw at us. You can make help make that happen.

PS: If you are awake at 7:15 am, head on down to the Holiday Inn Winnipeg South (1330 Pembina Highway) for an early morning rally with Justin Trudeau and local Liberal candidates (I hear that we might have a guest candidate from Kenora as well!) It’s a great way to wake up and energize your day; I guarantee there is nothing like a political rally to get you excited for your day. Hope to see you there!

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Click for more information on the August 19 rally!


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