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Is Politics Broken?

Canada’s democracy is in trouble. Although we are known as one of the world’s leading successful democracies, we have slowly started to take this democracy for granted. Year after year, voter turnout has declined – current youth voter engagement in the … Continue reading


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Women in Politics

#addwomenchangepolitics #invitehertorun #askhertorun #heforshe At first glance, these four hashtags might have you confused; you may be familiar with the United Nations #HeForShe campaign for gender equality (click here if you’re not) and you may even be familiar with the … Continue reading

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What I Want To Be When I Grow Up

NOTE:  This is a fictional piece of writing, although it may appear to have items that appears to be from real life.  This is part of an assignment where we had to write about our dream job and how the … Continue reading

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Data Is Everything

Source:  Mark Blevis, Digital Political Affairs   There are many similarities between data collection for marketing and data collection for politics; in fact, I often wonder which came first. You would be surprised at not only the amount of data that is … Continue reading

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Personal Politics – How Does Social Media Affect Them?

If you’ve ever met me, you know that politics are something that I am extremely passionate about.  Whether its federal, provincial or civic level or for internal party positions, I’m bleed red (in more ways than one)!   I’ve never … Continue reading

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