What’s in a name?

We did it. We made it to September in one piece and only have 49 days to go!

We only have 48 days to go.


If you were following the news today, you may have heard something about Canada’s economy and the word recession. I’m not an economist by any means (I studied criminal justice and public relations in school). I’m just like millions of Canadians who want to know how this will have an impact on my life. What is the difference between a recession and a ‘technical’ recession? What is a contraction? What is stagnation? And more importantly, how does this change my life?

I found this great clip from CBC on economic buzzwords and found it to be really helpful.

recession cbc


Over the next 7 weeks there will be much more talk about the economy and about Canada’s performance over the last decade. There will be talk about which party has the best plan to help improve our economy, which party has the best plan for growth, for jobs, for infrastructure. Obviously you know how I support and who I feel has the best plan for our country. LPC released a great ad today, referencing the need for ‘real change’. What do you think?

On another note, I personally think the videos we’re seeing come out of this election are incredible. The level of professionalism in advertisements coming out of campaigns is something we’d normally see out of multinational companies. What does this mean for candidates and parties – will these ads resonate more with voters or will voters be turned off of the ‘slickness’? It’s something I’m sure will get more attention before this campaign is finished.


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