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Mon première poste en français 

J’ai décide que c’est le temps de pratiquer mon français alors je m’excuse en avance pour mes erreurs grammaticales. Il y a seulement une façon d’améliorer mon français et c’est en pratiquant! Comme n’importe quelle tache qu’on veut accomplir, nous devons juste commencer à le … Continue reading


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Everything I Ever Needed To Know I Learned From Being A Flight Attendant…

(The following is a reflection piece for one of my writing classes in school.)   Here is a rare glimpse into the otherwise ‘fascinating’ and ‘glamorous’ world of being a flight attendant.  And trust me, it really isn’t all that … Continue reading

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Personal Politics – How Does Social Media Affect Them?

If you’ve ever met me, you know that politics are something that I am extremely passionate about.  Whether its federal, provincial or civic level or for internal party positions, I’m bleed red (in more ways than one)!   I’ve never … Continue reading

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