Day 78 – It Arrived!

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TWO cover page spreads today, including the Winnipeg Sun (yup, you read that right!)

I don’t know how we made it, but we did. We finally arrived at day 78 of this campaign.

All of our efforts comes down to making it happen tomorrow with GOTV efforts. (Pop quiz now: what goes GOTV stand for?) Some of the key things that make for a successful E-Day operation (aside from having your votes identified) is having an extremely organized E-Day Chair. In Winnipeg South Centre, we have an amazing chair named Corey. We took some time at the end of our  night to take a quick picture; a lot of hard work goes into campaigns.

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E-Day eve with the crew


The people who put their name forward are to be commended, but the volunteers who put in hundreds and thousands of hours are the ones that inspire me the most. We have had several volunteers on Jim Carr’s campaign who’ve devoted the last 2.5 months of their lives. Some of them have never been involved in a political campaign before but they have done such a spectacular job. It’s humbling, because these are people who do it for no other reason than they believe in the candidate and the party.

I also can’t believe that I’ve kept this blog going over the past 78 days. The idea really started on a lark – it’s easy enough to write a blog post on August 2 talking about the upcoming election campaign and what to expect. It’s also pretty easy to write a post when you have the leader in town or you’re working on an event. The rest of the time can be a little more difficult. I’m incredibly proud of the fact that I made it through this campaign intact and without missing a post. I hope that those of you who’ve read the blog have enjoyed it and gotten at least a glimpse of what it’s like to work a political campaign.

Thank you for taking this journey with me. Tomorrow will be my 100th post on this blog, and couldn’t be more of a milestone day with it being Election Day. I look forward to tomorrow’s post, as there is excitement in the air.

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The calm before the storm – Election Day eve



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  1. rodsalm says:

    Thanks for taking us on the journey with you. I suspect the ride is just beginning…

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