Saturday, with only 2 days left in this marathon campaign, Justin Trudeau will be back in Winnipeg. You won’t want to miss this event. (Sidebar – is there another word we can use to describe a 78 day campaign?)

Justin Trudeau addresses the crowd

Click the photo to RSVP for Saturday’s rally in Winnipeg

You’ve seen photos of the various rallies across the country – hundreds of people show up to get inspired. Now it’s finally Winnipeg’s turn to show that we have incredibly passionate people here who support the Liberal cause.

The last rally we had in Winnipeg with the leader was August 19 2015. It was held in a hotel room that had a capacity of 300 people, and which was completely packed an hour before the event was to start (at 7:00 in the morning!)

With the excitement in the air, I expect this rally to bring out even more. I wouldn’t be surprised if over 500 people showed up to this event. [Post campaign note: what was I thinking saying only 500 people?!] When the rally starts, there will be less that 48 hours until the polls open; this will go a long way to firing up our volunteers and our supporters as we head into E-Day.

Of course I’ll be there – the question is, will you?


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Passionate young professional with a commitment to positive change. Partisan politico. Sometimes runner.
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