AP Night #2

AP = Advance Polls.

Today was night two of the advance poll weekend. According to CBC, 850,000 people voted in the advance polls yesterday. Let’s just let this sink in how incredible is this. In 2011, there was 61% voter turnout total. Over 1 million people have turned out to vote in this election (if tonight’s trend continued from yesterday). Regardless of your political stripe, the fact that we have so many people voting in advance is a win for democracy.

There’s not much social media and blogging going on because the tasks at the campaign office have ramped  up even more. I’ve taken on the role of arranging rides for those voters for have requested help getting to the polls; the goal is to get those constituents to the advance polls so we don’t have to worry about them on Election Day. We have managed to whittle down our list so there is not very many people we have to worry about on election day. I call that a win in my books!

I’ve found myself learning about many aspects of campaign this election – in the past, I’ve focused on a few tasks that I did almost exclusively. This campaign I’ve found myself working in various roles, which is a great learning experience.  I’m working on GOTV efforts (get out the vote, which everyone on a campaign should be working on anyway), social media, volunteer management, and event planning. I love the opportunities that I have been afforded by working on this campaign.

As an aside, it’s incredible to think that we are nearing the end of our journey. We have 9 more sleeps until E-Day. All our hard work is coming to an end (or a beginning, depending on what happens on October 19). What an incredible journey it’s been!

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