10 ways you know you’ve been campaigning too long


In honour of a now famous slip of the tongue, where Justin Trudeau calls Gilles Duceppe ‘mon amour‘, I thought I’d give you my take on ’10 ways you know you’ve been campaigning too long’:

  1. Your friends and family give up and finally volunteer on your campaign, just to spend some time with you.
  2. When someone tells you where they live, you ask them what riding that’s in.
    1. Bonus points if you point out your party’s candidate in that area!
  3. You find yourself responding in talking points.
  4. Your wardrobe consists mainly of campaign/party t-shirts.
  5. When someone tells you where they live and you know exactly what poll it is.
  6. You can recite the returning office’s address, hours of operation, and telephone number without looking.
  7. The highlight of your day is when you find a case of copy paper you didn’t know you had (or any office supplies. This actually happened today!)
  8. You measure time in how many phone calls can be made or doors knocked on.
  9. You start to recognize voters in your riding from knocking on their doors.
    1. Bonus points if you see them out in the riding and know what poll/area they live in!
  10. You consider your campaign team part of the family and don’t know what you’ll do come October 20.

Campaigns are remarkable, frustrating, hopeful, sleep-depriving, and amazing, all at the same time. As we head into the next 13 days, remember that it is experiences like this that you will remember for the rest of your life.


About Dani K

Passionate young professional with a commitment to positive change. Partisan politico. Sometimes runner.
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