Politics of Fear

This is why I am so happy to support the Liberal Party of Canada, and especially Justin Trudeau

There’s been a lot of talk on the Canadian political scene lately about divisive politics. The politics of fear that the Conservative government has become known for. Pitting one group against another. What has our country become when we have people turning against each other? What does it say about our society when not only is this happening, but this is tolerated?

I’m proud to be working to elect Jim Carr in Winnipeg South Centre, and was never more proud that at a debate last week when he said these words:

We don’t build ourselves up by tearing others down. I have no interest in personally attacking other candidates. We’ve had too much of that.

-Jim Carr, September 30 2015

This is why I work so hard for the Liberal Party. This is why I’ve committed thousands of hours and years of my life. To help make this country a better place.

There was a huge rally in Brampton today, where over 7,000 people came out to hear Justin Trudeau speak. Let that sink in for a moment. A political rally (in Canada!) for a party that, at the dissolution of the 41st Parliament, held only 36 seats. There were over 7,000 people in attendance. I can’t even fathom that. But it happened. It’s because we are giving people something to vote for. We are inspiring Canadians from coast to coast to coast with a message of hope.

One of my favourite sections from Justin’s speech was this:

With the many millions upon millions of dollars he’s spent on attack ads, lots of people ask if I think he’s afraid of me.
I don’t.
Stephen Harper isn’t afraid of me, my friends.
He’s afraid of you.
And he should be (afraid of you).
His worst nightmare is a confident and hopeful citizen who demands better for her country.
He wants you to believe that better isn’t possible. His job depends on it.
Well, we’ve got news for you, Mr Harper:
This is Canada. And in Canada, better is always possible.
This is a great country, my friends
It needs a better government.

-Justin Trudeau, October 4 2015

Part of my job is going to events and the comments I hear on the campaign trail is inspiring. Today was no different. At a harvest supper, people kept coming up to Jim to tell him they were voting for him (or had already voted for him) and they were happy that he was standing up for the residents of Winnipeg South Centre. It makes all the late nights and early mornings worth it. I can’t wait to see the change that will sweep the country come October 19.

**Click here for the full remarks from today’s rally in Brampton.



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