Final Leader’s Debate

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau arrives for the final leaders debate in Montreal Que., on Friday, October 2, 2015. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Nathan Denette

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau arrives for the final leaders debate in Montreal Que., on Friday, October 2, 2015. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Nathan Denette

The final federal leader’s debate of #elxn42 was tonight and it was in French. What is different about this election is that there hasn’t been a nationally televised debate (although it could be argued that the other debates were available online and therefore national in scope. I’ll leave that argument for another day).

What I’ve liked is that the variety of debates has given voters a continuous look into the leaders and what they stand for. However, I am part of a distinct subset of the population that already has a political opinion and would watch any political debate, regardless of its reach. There have been 3 debates in English and 2 in French, and they have covered a variety of issues. It’s worth noting that there has been some controversy over the exclusion of Elizabeth May and Gilles Duceppe at the debates.

So what was at stake tonight? With the NDP bleeding support in Quebec, Mulcair needed to stand head and shoulders above everyone else. We’ve all heard the refrain “Justin Trudeau is just not ready”. I think one of the best tweets I saw all night was this one:

Muclair just wasn’t able to “wipe the floor” with Justin Trudeau in the debates – as he promised in this video here.

Justin has killed it at every debate, and I definitely think his closing statement tonight was the strongest of all the debates. Look at what Paul Wells, columnist for Maclean’s magazine and host of the Maclean’s National Leaders Debate that was held in August, said about tonight’s debate:

But I think it was Trudeau who cut the most impressive figure. He gave a sense of poise, policy ambition and cocksure readiness to spar with any of the other leaders. Once again I was reminded that one reason there have been so many debates in this odd campaign season was because Trudeau’s opponents wanted to multiply his opportunities to screw up. He’s now put the last debate behind him, and to some extent their gambit has backfired. Marc Garneau, who failed to stop Trudeau during the Liberal leadership race two years ago, could perhaps have warned the other parties about their likelihood of succeeding.

Here were some of my tweets from tonight’s debate. What did you think?


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