Debate Night #1

Tonight was the one and only debate in Winnipeg South Centre that all 4 candidates will be attending (unless Joyce Bateman does a complete 180 and decides to attend the other debates). This was an opportunity for voters to hear from ALL their candidates, which is the cornerstone of democracy.

Before I started doing social media on a more ‘professional’ scale, I thought it was just a matter listening to what you hear and typing it out. It’s not quite that simple. Live-tweeting is not an easy task. What adds to the pressure is the fact that I’m not just tweeting out my own thoughts; I was also tweeting out as the representative for Jim on his twitter account.   Tonight we mentioned that he was turning over his account to his campaign team so that people could follow along during the debate. There’s always some added pressure when the account is not in your own name AND you’re on a bit of a time constraint.

Whenever you add in a time constraint, there is a natural tendency to get a bit nervous. What adds to my nerves is that Jim was an editor at the Winnipeg Free Press and he reviews everything that goes out in his name. If I was running, I’d probably do that do.  However, there is always a lesson in the editing sessions for me. It could be punctuation or a verb tense or just the tone of the message.

Tomorrow there is another debate that I will be live-blogging from. Continue to follow along on my personal twitter account (@dani_keenan) or Jim’s campaign account (@jimcarr_wpg). Let me know if there’s anything you want to ask Jim or if you have any suggestions. But be kind – it’s really not as easy as it looks!



About Dani K

Passionate young professional with a commitment to positive change. Partisan politico. Sometimes runner.
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