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There is a lot of stories coming out of the Canadian political scene lately, and I thought I’d post some articles I’ve found entertaining or intriguing, as well as a couple of points about them. Hopefully you’ll find them interesting as well.

Do local candidates even matter to voters? Ottawa Citizen, September 18, 2015
The question here became extremely relevant with the election of Ruth Ellen Brosseau in Quebec in 2011. For some, the ‘Orange Wave’ was proof that parties and leaders matter much more to voters than who the local candidate is. Is that the case now? Do you vote for the party, the leader, or your local candidate?

Insult-slinging in Winnipeg Centre Winnipeg Free Press, September 18, 2015
In Winnipeg Centre the battle is heating up, and it’s getting personal. In a recent debate, the incumbent candidate (Pat Martin) actually called one of the other candidates a “son of a bitch.” This article talks about a news release that the local Liberal campaign put out that has garnered attention.

Winnipeg Centre: Pat Martin, Robert-Falcon Ouellette Make Riding Key NDP-Liberal Battle Huffington Post Canada, September 19, 2015
Like the Winnipeg Free Press article, this article talks about the feud that is heating up. However, this takes this one step further. The following are some of the things an incumbent candidate has said:
– He once called Conservative organizers “rat-faced whores”
– Martin said his challenger settled on the Liberals only because he thought that party gave him better chances of winning. “That makes you a political slut, too.”
-Martin said this about the wife of the Liberal challenger: “his wife is afraid that she’ll have her hubcaps stolen” if she ventures too far into the riding.

How is this acceptable? We have candidates stepping down because of a controversial social media post they’ve made or errors in judgments that they’ve made in the past, but we someone accept and allow this conduct from a parliamentarian?

Pollsters fear dubious NDP poll on Trudeau hurts credibility of their industry Globe and Mail, September 19, 2015
With my experience in politics and having just finished a course in market research, I know a thing or two about polls. This article does a great job of delving into the issue of what makes a poll credible or not and how this could be damaging not only to the research industry but to an already declining political scene. Worth a read for anyone who would like to understand a little more about polls.

What articles have you read lately that piqued your interest? What’s been on your mind during this election?



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