You know you’re political when…

Tonight something truly distressing happened; there was a major political event (Globe & Mail federal leader’s debate on the economy) and not only was I not participating in any events, I was unable to follow along online or even on my phone! Let me tell you, I was definitely going through withdrawal!

keep calm debates

I’ll be doing this tomorrow!

I finally had some time to look through the post-debate coverage and it seems the overwhelming view is that Justin won this debate. This of course keeps in mind that each party has their own spin on a debate performance as well as each media outlet. I am eager to go back and watch the debate in its entirety tomorrow.

The challenge for the Liberal Party has been getting our message out; ensuring that voters know exactly where we stand on issues and what our policy commitments are. One good thing the Conservatives have done well is hammer home the “just not ready” rhetoric. Even now when I knock on doors or speak with voters, I will hear that question asked verbatim.

It could be argued that there have been some struggles in defining his leadership, which wouldn’t be completely wrong. He became leader of a (somewhat) fractured party that had come off its worst electoral showing ever. At times, people were unsure whether the Party would be able to continue. Under his leadership, there have been enormous improvements and positive strides made. This second debate allowed voters to see that there is an option for change in government. There is a choice to be made this election; people can vote for someone instead of against someone. There is a message of hope, hard work, and belief that better is always possible. Justin continues to get this message out there, and is aided by the thousands of volunteers and millions of supporters across the country. When you even have “Ed the Sock” tweeting out about your message, you know you’ve done something right.

Now I want to hear from you – did you have a chance to watch the debate? What did you think the best line was? The one that seems to be making a splash is Justin’s retort to the Prime Minister – what do you think?


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