Polls, Polls, Polls

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: working on campaigns isn’t always glamorous.

Quick recap on federal ridings:

  • The country is divided into 338 ridings, each represented by a Member of Parliament;
  • Most ridings in Manitoba have around 60,000 voters;
  • Each riding is divided into polls, which are just areas of a riding; in Winnipeg South Centre, there are 172 polls;
  • Polls vary in size, but generally have around the same number of voters; one poll might seem larger than another because of the concentration of voters.

We need individual poll maps for various reasons. This is where my task came in today.

Once upon a time, campaigns used to receive maps of the riding and of each individual poll. Now, everything is online. This no doubt cuts expenses on Elections Canada’s part, but it means that each campaign is responsible for their own maps. A lot of circumstances happened today that meant I spent over 7 hours looking at all 172 polls in Winnipeg South Centre, trying to isolate each one. There are many reasons we need these maps, and it is an extremely important, if not tedious task. All I can say is, thank goodness that’s done. (Yes, I did attempt to find ways around this. One lesson I’ve learned is to always try to find to most efficient way to get a task done; there was no efficient way today.)

The day was not all rough however; I was fed and watered extremely well. One tip I’ve learned over the years? Always, always go for the breakfast meeting. How can your day go wrong if you start it with an awesome meal? Friend bought my lunch (I went for the Jugo Juice smoothie in an attempt to be a little healthier) and then a Starbucks later in the day. Yup, that almost made up for the 7 hours looking at maps. Almost.


A campaign manager bought me a coffee today while I was on hour 5 of mapping


My dinner at 10:30 tonight – nothing like KD!


About Dani K

Passionate young professional with a commitment to positive change. Partisan politico. Sometimes runner.
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2 Responses to Polls, Polls, Polls

  1. rodsalm says:

    Sometime the most efficient way is to plow through a task.

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