We’re halfway there!

Ladies and gentlemen, I have an important announcement: we’ve hit the halfway point! Only 39 days to go!

In honour of this momentous occasion, I went out and cast my ballot today in Saint Boniface-Saint Vital. It is extremely easy to head down and vote – why not go and vote today so that all those campaign volunteers leave you alone from now until election day? (That’s the only way they’ll stop calling and knocking on your door!)


It’s forbidden to take pictures of your ballot, so here I am outside of the Elections Canada office after I voted 

Today was a pretty busy day for me, which is how I like it. I started this morning with a webinar led by the Pearson Center with Mark Blevis (if you’re involved in social media and you haven’t heard of him, you should check him out) and Brit Mockler who works on Catherine McKenna’s campaign. The social media on Catherine’s campaign is incredible, and it was great to hear some of their key principles.

This morning's webinar

This morning’s webinar

5 components to keep in mind on social media

5 components to keep in mind on social media

After the webinar and voting (which I can’t encourage enough to do, right now! If you have any questions about where to vote or how, visit Elections Canada or send me an email), I headed down to the Carr campaign. I managed to resist temptation to hit up Starbucks while I was there (it’s dangerously located right across the street) and did some work on our social media plan. I love the potential there is with social media and electioneering; there’s just so many possibilities out there.

It was also great to see yet another large group of volunteers that came out to canvass tonight, which proves that Winnipeg South Centre is ready for change. I think the Carr campaign has door knocked over half of the riding and we still have halfway to go! A true testament to the incredible volunteers.

After a team meeting tonight, I even managed to get in a run. It’s always a struggle to make healthy choices during a campaign, but I used to live in Jim’s riding and there are so many nice running trails around the campaign office. I promise there’s a post coming up about making healthy choices/staying healthy on the campaign trail. That is, once I figure out how to actually make those choices!

And what Thursday could be complete without watching The National on CBC with The Insiders panel or At Issue? These are some of the best segments available during this election. I’ve left them here for your viewing pleasure 🙂


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