Sensationalist Politics

43 days left and I don’t know how we could get any more bizarre in this election. Today, it’s all about #peegate. Really? We are in the middle of an election to choose the next government of this country, and we (collectively as a country) are talking about someone who peed in a coffee cup.

steve lad tweet

While I was writing this post, this was tweeted. Bang on what I was trying to say.

For the people who want to run this country, voters need to know that they show good judgment. They also need to be surrounded by people who show good judgment. No argument there. I see the country descending into the level of sensationalist politics that we see in the US, which is something that I dislike. I liked that politics in Canada tended to focus more on political parties and issues and less on personal vendettas (although we have seen a trend towards this in the past decade).

Being a Member of Parliament used to be a noble calling. People gave up their careers and time with family to devote themselves to making our great country even better. I believe that most people get into politics for the right reason (call me idealistic?) – because they want to make a difference. Individuals who run for office? Let’s face it, they could make more money in the private sector. They would certainly have less scrutiny on them. And they would be around to see their families more. There are over 1,300 candidates running for office this election. So what is the benefit to running for office in Canada? Even acknowledging that some politicians are able to benefit off of cushy jobs or book deals once they retire, that number is such a small percentage that we can’t think that is a major reason for most people.

The media has focused on a number of ‘social media fails‘ put out by the Conservatives this election; in fact, you can search that and it will come up with a number of articles. Of course I don’t mind that other parties are having issues and being forced off messages, and I even laugh at some of them. But I don’t think this race to the bottom is good for any of us. It’s not good for the country, it’s not good for democracy. We need to be better, because it’s not just the next 43 days that are at stake.





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