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Apparently I’m not the first Liberal to keep a campaign blog.

Okay, so I actually already knew that. I definitely didn’t think I invented the wheel on that one, as I’m pretty late to the party on this (blogs, who keeps blogs anymore?) There were blogs coming out of the Liberal Express tour in 2010 and I think it did a really great job of connecting with people.

What I didn’t realize that back in 2006, Scott Feschuk did a campaign blog of such epic proportions that I don’t know it could ever be matched. Then again, not only was he the Prime Minister’s speechwriter, he was also on the leader’s tour day in and day out. So he’s got that on me. Plus just a couple more years experience.

blackberry blog

Cached version of the blog

You can actually go back and read all the posts on this site here; I highly recommend it. Not only are the posts pretty hilarious (regardless if you are political or not) but they completely do the job of making you feel like you are there as well.

In 2015, things are a little different. The Liberal Party does a really good job of uploading a lot of photos from events, and of re-tweeting and sharing supporter photos. It almost makes you feel like you are riding along the tour with Justin. Party leaders generally have a photographer that travels with them (Adam Scotti does amazing work for LPC & Justin) as well as a videographer at times. And instead of maintaining written blogs, it’s generally all about the photos and videos.   Like the one below.

Blogging in 2015 – with photos! Justin’s Instagram

Also, one last funny thing I believe everyone should be following during the campaign, is the adventures of #legoadam and #legotommy. Take a look on instagram, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

legotommy debate

#elxn42 #legoadam #legotommy


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