Top 10 Campaign Facts I Wish People Knew


Like anything in life, sometimes there are things that people don’t know. So in no particular order, here is my top 10 list of things I think people should know during this election campaign:

1. There is a difference between federal and provincial political parties. Even if it’s the same name, there are differences between them. Sometimes provincial leaders will align themselves with federal leaders, but it’s not always the case and doesn’t mean they agree on everything.

2. When we knock on doors, it’s not considered soliciting. And yes, we can be in your apartment or condo building.

3. Campaigns are provided with voters lists, which is how we know your name and address. We aren’t spying on you. But this information can only be used for election purposes.

4. Campaigns will keep contacting you until you either identify which way you’re voting or you’ve voted. Best way to stop the door knocking or calls? Vote – which you can actually do anytime now.

5. Most people who work on campaigns are volunteers, who don’t get paid. They come out to knock doors or make calls because they believe in the candidate or the party. Please be nice to them.

6. Campaigns are run off of donations and are expensive. If a sign is defaced or stolen, that costs real money. It’s a part of the democratic process, so please be respectful.

7. We honestly don’t mean to interrupt your meal time. When we call or knock on doors in the evening, it’s because that’s when people are mostly likely to be home. We just want to get information to as many people as possible as federal politics affects everyone.

8. You’re entitled to time off to vote on Election day. Click here for the rules about that.

9. In Canada, we don’t actually vote for the Prime Minister. You vote for your local representative (Member of Parliament) and if their party gets the most seats then the leader becomes Prime Minister.

10. Just because we have opposing beliefs doesn’t mean we hate each other. As an aside, I have friends that are in different political parties and we have some of the best conversations.

Do you think I missed anything? What questions do you have about politics or the election campaign? Let me know in the comments below!



About Dani K

Passionate young professional with a commitment to positive change. Partisan politico. Sometimes runner.
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1 Response to Top 10 Campaign Facts I Wish People Knew

  1. rodsalm says:

    Curious to know, how much of a candidates campaign is party driven? That is, how much support do the get in strategy for their individual campaign? Basically, how much franchise support is there for candidates and do they HAVE to follow the party line?

    Rod Salm, aka the Mike Holmes of marketing.

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