Back to basics – Door knocking 101


I’ve said it before – and people far smarter than I have said it as well: door knocking is the MOST IMPORTANT aspect of an election campaign. Today was a great day as I took the opportunity to get back out on the trail and knock on doors with a canvass team for Jim Carr. I love getting to talk to people and see what voters on the ground are thinking. It’s very easy, as someone who literally lives and breathes politics, to get a sort of tunnel vision where you think everyone feels the same way as you do. Door knocking keeps you grounded and remembering exactly why it is you volunteer in the first place.

Tonight we were in an area that hasn’t always had the best voter turnout. But knocking on these doors, I was pleasantly surprised. There are so many people out there, people who are tired of the way things are under the current government. Door after door, I heard how families are struggling, feeling forgotten by their government, and wondering how their voice can make a difference. People are ready for real change. I feel privileged to be able to hear their stories, to have them share their stories with me. I get excited telling them that their vote DOES matter – and seeing some of my excitement transferring to them.

I was also encouraged to meet with so many young people on the canvass tonight – and to see that far from being disengaged or apathetic, they are aware and informed about the election and politics in general. There were many young people who declared that they didn’t feel represented by the Conservative government. And to a certain extent, they are right. Over 4.2 million young people didn’t vote in the last election – so how can they be represented? I think that we will see a real shift in voter turnout. At least I hope we do.

I look forward to many more nights knocking on doors. If you want to get involved with your local campaign, I’m sure they’d love to have the help! Visit the Liberal page here for more details and to sign up.

PS: Best way to finish off a canvass? With sushi – and Jim’s campaign office is right next door to a sushi restaurant. I love it!

FullSizeRender (5)

This could be dangerous, with sushi so close to a campaign office!



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