Go Knock On Doors…

justin at provencher rally

Justin Trudeau in Winnipeg on July 23, 2015 Photo by Steve Lambert/Canadian Press


“Knocking on doors. Making calls. Reaching out to Canadians, one conversation at a time. With your hope and hard work, we’ll win the next federal election, community-by-community and block by block.”
– Justin Trudeau

The most important aspect of any campaign is getting out and speaking with voters. The important placed on door knocking cannot be overstated. In fact, a twitter account has been set up (tongue in cheek of course) to hammer this point home. You have to visit @GoKnockDoors for some funny but true points. Today, I got caught in the cross-hairs:

go knock doors

I made phone calls today and thought I should ask if that was acceptable…

go knock doors 2

Apparently someone thinks that’s not – consider myself thoroughly chagrined!

The Liberal Party has established these action events – days and weekends of action. We’ve been doing these for months, as it was a good way to help build up a solid volunteer base and help people get comfortable with door knocking. It also turns it to a friendly competition between campaign teams across the country, especially when the numbers are results are released showing which campaigns have had the most success.

This weekend was the first “Weekend of Action” during the campaign, and teams were out in full force. The teams in Manitoba have been strong and working hard for months; in some case over a year! I’m proud of the work that the Liberal team in Manitoba has accomplished, and very excited to be part of the campaign for #realchange.

In the next 70 days, candidates and volunteers will try to connect with as many voters in their ridings as possible. Regardless of political stripe, these people are committed to democracy in Canada. Please be kind to them, even if you don’t agree with their views.

If you want to get involved with your local Liberal campaign, visit https://www.liberal.ca/candidates/ to find your candidate’s website and sign up to volunteer. Campaign saying? You don’t need a gym membership; the best way to stay in shape is to get out door knocking.

on the phone

#callingforchange during the Weekend of Action

PS: @GoKnockDoors, if you’re reading this – I wrote this after people were in bed. It didn’t interfere with knocking on doors!


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