#DebateMB Part Deux


YES! This sums it up quite nicely!

Today was the aftermath of the Maclean’s Leaders Debate – and of course everybody had a different view as to who won.  There was endless coverage all day, and I took part in a radio panel this morning on CBC InfoRadio with the pundits I blogged for #debateMB with.  Going into the radio station this morning, it was an exciting feeling.  I was definitely looking forward to sitting down and having a little more time to share my thoughts and opinions about the debate.  I do find that I like radio a bit better (in my vast experience!) as it just seems to be a little more relaxed – even though you have to think quick and be on your toes because there is nothing worse than dead air.  I did find that out – I stumbled a bit with my second set of comments.  As a bit of a perfectionist, I came home and listened to the interview again to see what I did well and where I could improve.  There was a course I took in my school program – Media Relations – and the lessons from there were definitely in the back of my mind the past 2 days.  As with anything, you can’t expect to be an expert at something you’ve never really done before.  The biggest point for me to remember is that practice makes perfect.  And hopefully I get the chance to take part in these types of media opportunities again, soon!


Waiting in the Green Room before going on-air

FullSizeRender (2)

With CBC host Ismaila Alfa 

When I started this blog piece, I intended it to be a place where people could come and read about a day in the life of a campaign volunteer.  To that end, I just want to be clear – the last couple days are not typical.  Media appearances are generally done by party staff or candidates, not by volunteers.  And up until this election campaign, this hasn’t been my typical day either.  I’ve known that this is something that I wanted to go into, and it is what I’ve studied for the last year in school, but the opportunity hasn’t presented itself until now.  Sometimes, things happen when they’re meant to happen.


This evening was a continuation of the Folklorama festivities, and I visited two pavilions this evening.  The beauty of this festival, which is truly unique, is that it brings people together around a common goal: sharing different cultures.  At the Tamil pavilion, I learned that there are 247 different characters in their alphabet.  At the Korean pavilion, I learned about the three components that make up taekwondo – which is more than just kicking and punching.  The best part is that the people who work their pavilions are so passionate about their background that they can’t wait to share it with you.  Being able to listen to what people are willing to share with me is one of the best feelings.   I love making that connection with people – which is what I believe politics is really about.

I have the link to the interview from this morning here: the segment starts at the 28:55 mark and goes until 40:11.

Let me know what you thought about the interview (the good and the bad, I can take it!) and what you thought of the debate.  Also, if you have any specific questions or comments or ideas of topics you’d like me to cover during the next 73 days, feel free to comment below.  Looking forward to hearing from you!






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  1. Rod Salm says:

    You presented yourself well on the radio show, keep at it and get back in there. Like you said, it’s going to be a looong campaign trail this time around, so I expect that you’ll get more chances to speak well. Good points!

    Rod Salm

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