Keep Calm – We (Only) Have 75 More Days

keep calm

Today was an extremely busy day, with both school commitments and political activities.  No matter how ready you think you are (and our team has worked for over a year on this campaign!), there will always be little kinks to work out once the actual writ is dropped.  I feel lucky that the team I’m on is experienced and works well together.  To that end, today was our first campaign meeting since the writ dropped, which means that it was our first opportunity to meet and discuss the next 75 days (hard to believe that we’re already on day 4 of the campaign).

macleans debate

With tomorrow’s debate party fast approaching, there were a few things that needed to be done today.  One thing that was reiterated during my studies this year was that you always need to do a site check or ‘advance’ your event.  What does this mean?  In my case, because we’re screening a live feed outdoors, we needed to make sure that our projector and laptops worked.  We also have a backup plan if we get rained out (John Sauder, you better not let me down!).  We also made sure that we had all the right cables to connect to the television.  Technology can be great when it works, but extremely frustrating if it doesn’t.  Doing these things in advance means that you won’t be scrambling when your event starts and people have already arrived.

FullSizeRender (2)

There was also some exciting news that happened today.  CBC Manitoba reached out and asked me to take part in a partisan panel that will live-tweet tomorrow’s debate.  As someone who is studying communications, this is the ultimate goal and what I want to do.  To be able to put into practice all that I’ve learned throughout this past year is pretty incredible.  This will be an interesting and exciting opportunity to engage with people I wouldn’t normally get to interact with, and to analyze the debate as it happens.  Be sure to follow my twitter feed @dani_keenan to find out more information throughout the day, and starting tomorrow at 6:30 pm we’ll be live-tweeting from the CBC Manitoba studios.  I’d love to interact with you during the debate, so be sure to send me a tweet!

Don’t forget that you can stream the debate from the Maclean’s website or the CPAC website.  Be sure to include the following hashtags if you’re talking about the debate on social media:

#macdebate #cdnpoli #elxn42





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