Day 3 – Do Not Attempt On Your Own

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, we’re gearing up for an event we’re having on Thursday – a party where we will screen the Maclean’s Leader’s Debate – and there is a lot to do.  We are hosting the event outside (praying the weather holds up) and so we have a tent for the evening.  Good thing that we decided to set it up tonight, because it took a LOT longer than we expected!

In case you’re wondering, this is not your typical tent that you can just set up in a few minutes, although the instructions did helpfully say you should have two people to set it up.  In the end, we had 6 people helping to put it up!  And it definitely took longer than the instructions said it would take.  What further complicated matters was that we actually had pieces for three tents, but only enough working pieces for two.

The first video is what it looked like about halfway through, once we had started to figure out the process.  The second video is the finished look – with a beautiful Manitoba sunset in the background.  

The lesson from today’s day on the campaign trail?  It is definitely not as glamorous as some people might think it is.  But that’s what I love about this life; you never know what the day will bring or where you will find yourself.  Yesterday was at a festival enjoying great food and entertainment, today was manual labour setting up a tent.  I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but I do know one thing – I wouldn’t have it any other way.


About Dani K

Passionate young professional with a commitment to positive change. Partisan politico. Sometimes runner.
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