Random Musings

Lessons learned as we continue to grow – life is all about helping others, versus just focusing on yourself.  This is even more important when it comes to women and how we treat each other.  We need to treat other women with respect – especially friends and close confidants.  We tend to be harder on those around us, forgetting that they are human too and deserving of our understanding, respect, and genuine friendship.  Before you start to attack someone or criticize, ask yourself if that is how you would like to be talked to.  It’s the easiest lesson to forget, one that our parents tried to instill in us when we were young.  “Treat other like you would like to be treated” – the golden rule.  How quickly we all forget, how when we are hurt we can strike out with our fiercest weapons: our words.


A friend is someone who talks through situations and problems before giving up on a relationship.  In short, someone who will give of themselves without any expectations in return.  If someone has stood by you just because, chances are they were there because they believed in you.  Because they cared about you. Courtesy and respect are the main tenants one should always include on their friendship toolkit – treat your so-called friends with more respect and common manners than you would a stranger on the street or mere acquaintances.

The bottom line is this; you care enough about someone to make them part of your life.  On your exit, do the decent thing and give them the answers and personal conversation they deserve. They may not know what happened and for a breakup coming out of left field, it can be devastating.


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Passionate young professional with a commitment to positive change. Partisan politico. Sometimes runner.
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1 Response to Random Musings

  1. Good thoughts, so hard to do, familiarity breeds comfort-ability with the negative emotions.

    At any rate, I thought the golden rule was he who owns the gold, makes the rules?


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