What Motivates You?

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What gets you out of bed in the morning?  What makes you smile and get through the tough stuff when all you want to do is pull the covers over your head and go back to sleep?  What is your motivation?  Those questions are heady ones; they can be frightening to try to figure out, so much so that most of us just go with the flow, taking our days one after the other, never really delving too deep.  But at what cost?  Who are we if we don’t know who we really are?

The theme from this week’s class was all about your ‘WHY’ statement; something that describes what it is you are trying to accomplish and why you do what you do.  It doesn’t need to be a formal statement like a company’s mission statement (click here for Lululemon’s mission statement) but it is helpful if it is something you have written down in a visible place that you pass everyday.  It is the lens through which you filter all your social media content – or at least, it should be.  If something doesn’t go with your mission statement, you shouldn’t be doing it.  A lot easier said than done; I know, I know.

“Your why statement should be the filter through which you pass your social media content…”
–Rachelle Taylor, 1/2 of Prairie Yogi Team

Rachelle Taylor



Okay Okay, but how this all relate to your life?  Easy.

You are your own brand.

That’s right, you are a brand in and of yourself.  Think of an interview that you’ve had, whether for a scholarship or a job — you are selling you: your experiences, your talent and your knowledge.  Or how about when looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend to spend your life with?  Essentially someone is selling you their talents, their knowledge, their time.    Anything that you do should be consistent with your values.  What’s another word for all of your values put together?  Your mission statement; your why statement.  If you can figure out where you stand, where you want to be, what’s important to you – it’ll make it one hundred times easier to make the harder choices and decisions.

Take a look at this YouTube video; it’s a Ted video by Simon Sinek; he wrote a book called Start With Why and it touches on this exact topic – it’s kind of exciting!

This Week’s Challenge

This week I challenge you all to think about your own mission statement.  What would yours be?  I’m still in the process of developing mine, but a website that I like to use is this website:  it takes you through several questions before finally helping you come up with your mission statement.  Take a look and let me know what you think – did it help focus your thoughts?

People to Follow

Each week I’ll add to the growing list of people who have influenced me.  They could be people who’ve taken their time to come and speak to my class, people who have taught me something, or people who are doing brave and amazing things in the world.  Check them out!

Rachelle Taylor Monique Pantel Prairie Yogi Magazine

Bartley Kives

Matt Sutton Megan Batchelor

Lynn Roy aka Fearless PR Girl


About Dani K

Passionate young professional with a commitment to positive change. Partisan politico. Sometimes runner.
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9 Responses to What Motivates You?

  1. arpitagoala says:

    My weekly challenge for this blog is to re blog it on my blog because it’s that awesome! Way to go! 😀


  2. Great blog Danielle. Keeps the inspiration going tonight! The video is awesome – nice touch : )


  3. Margarita Gonzalez says:

    Great post Danielle! I love the part about how figuring out what’s important to you will make hard decisions much easier, so true. Also, thank you for sharing a link to help us with building our mission statements!


  4. I found the girls from Prairie Yogi quite inspirational as well…great blog idea to move forward with!


  5. I took the test from the website you provided – it seems like a pretty good tool! Did it help you too?


    • Dani K says:

      Thank you! I’m glad you tried it out! I am still working on finalizing my mission statement and I’m going to add it to my blogs. I think it was such a valuable class to talk about our “why” and will really help us in the long term! If you feel comfortable, I’d love to hear what your statement ended up being 🙂


  6. Big Momma says:

    Nice blog! It’s awesome to see that the Prairie Yogi gals were an inspiration to many this week.


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